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IMaJIN Alberta is designed to evaluate, diagnose and treat acute muscle and joint injuries within the first 2 days of an injury.

We want to make sure your acute sport injuries are treated properly and quickly.

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Why use IMaJIN services?

  • Acute muscle and joint injuries are evaluated within the first 2 days of the injury
  • Proper investigation including x-rays and MRIs will be scheduled if required
  • Injury Care Coordinators work in collaboration with orthopedic surgeons and primary care physicians
  • Treatment options are identified and offered immediately
  • Surgical evaluation is organized if deemed necessary
  • A complimentary letter will be sent to your physician or coach for continuity of care
  • The cost of your visit is covered through Alberta Health
  • Every person should be treated as if they are a professional athlete!

What injuries are not appropriate for evaluation at the IMaJIN Clinic?

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