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If I need surgery, will that be arranged at the IMaJIN Clinic?

The IMaJIN Injury Clinic is fortunate to have a number of committed orthopedic surgeons who are interested in working with the clinic Injury Care Coordinators to provide a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment program for your muscle and joint injury. If surgery is required, the Injury Care Coordinator will work with you to ensure that you are seen by an IMaJIN surgeon who is best qualified to perform the surgery that you may need.

Can I get treatment for my injury at the IMaJIN Clinic?

The IMaJIN Injury Clinic has been established to efficiently evaluate, diagnose and begin treatment for acute muscle and joint injuries. Your Injury Care Coordinator will provide you with an appropriate treatment plan that may include physiotherapy, sport chiropractic, medications, injections or surgical intervention. Physiotherapy and sport chiropractic services are available at the Edmonton Sport Institute, but many qualified practitioners are available across the city. For more information, please contact the IMaJIN staff.


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Will my family physician get information regarding my appointment?

You will be asked by an IMaJIN administrator for a primary medical contact person when you arrive at the IMaJIN Clinic. That contact person could be your family physician, coach or team athletic trainer. On completion of your IMaJIN appointment, a complimentary letter will be sent by e-mail or letter to your contact person to ensure proper continuity of care for your injury.



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What are the hours of the IMaJIN Clinic?

The IMaJIN Clinic hours are from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. On-call telephone coverage is also available every week day from 5pm to 9pm and on weekends from 12pm until 5pm.  IMaJIN the possibilities!

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Where is the IMaJIN Clinic located?

The IMaJIN Injury Clinic is located in an existing sport and injury medical clinic, the Edmonton Sport Institute. Conveniently located in central Edmonton, the clinic is easily accessible from all parts of the city and surrounding communities. The clinic address is 11828 – 111 Avenue. Ample complimentary parking is available in front of the entrance to the clinic.


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Can I be seen at the IMaJIN Clinic if I have been injured while working or in a motor vehicle collision?

Unfortunately patients with injuries sustained at work should be evaluated through accredited WCB clinics. In addition, injuries that result from motor vehicle collisions are not eligible for treatment at the IMaJIN Clinic. MVC injuries are typically complex in nature and often require regular, ongoing follow-up. That service is not available at the IMaJIN Clinic. MVC injuries should be evaluated and followed by a patient’s family physician until full resolution of their symptoms.


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Am I able to use the IMaJIN immediate injury care services?

If you are a resident of Alberta, have a valid health care card and have suffered a muscle or joint injury within the last 2 weeks, you are a candidate to be seen at the IMaJIN Clinic. More emergent injuries such as lacerations, fractures or loss of consciousness should be evaluated at a local emergency department. In addition, WCB injuries and motor vehicle collision injuries will not be seen at the IMaJIN Clinic, as they typically require longer term follow-up by a patient’s family physician.



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How can I make an appointment to be seen at the IMaJIN Clinic?

 Simply telephone the IMaJIN clinic between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday and our staff will be pleased to make arrangements to have you seen as soon as possible. The telephone number is 780-451-1234. We also have one of our Injury Care Coordinators available on call between 5pm and 9pm on weekdays and 12pm to 5pm on weekends to help you with an appointment as quickly as possible. Call 780-885-2746 for after hours service. If you have a question about the IMaJIN Injury Clinic services, please fill out the enclosed form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Who will I be seeing at the IMaJIN Clinic?

IMaJIN patients are initially evaluated by an Injury Care Coordinator (ICC) who works in collaboration with the clinic physician consultants. Once a comprehensive medical history and physical examination has been performed, the ICC and the clinic physician consultant confer and an appropriate plan of investigation and treatment will be formulated. A complimentary medical letter will be sent to your family physician to ensure proper continuity of care.

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Do I have to have a referral to been seen at the IMaJIN Clinic?

No referral is needed to see the health professionals at the IMaJIN Clinic. It is important that muscle and joint injuries are seen quickly in order to establish a diagnosis, initiate early treatment and prevent future injuries. IMaJIN the possibilities!


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