IMaJIN Staff and Physicians

The IMaJIN Injury Clinic has been developed at the Edmonton Sport Institute, a primary care and orthopedic surgery clinic that was established in the Edmonton area in 1993. We are very proud of all the fine individuals who work hard every day to make a difference in the lives of our patients.


Clinic Staff 

Although they do make a patient diagnosis or perform surgery, our clinic staff have always been the key to providing a great level of care for our patients. They are a group of fine individuals who take pride in their work, creating an enjoyable working environment for patients and staff alike!

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Injury Care Coordinators 

The IMaJIN Injury Clinic has been developed to utilize the skills of experienced health care workers who have a special interest in muscle and joint injuries. Our 3 Injury Care Coordinators are committed to working with the Clinic Physicians to optimize the care of all of our patients.

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Primary Care Physicians

Primary care physicians provide the first line of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sport related injuries. By using the associated health care services available at the IMaJIN Clinic, the primary care physician can quarterback the initiation and coordination of a specific treatment program for athletic and other MSK injuries.

 Orthopedic Surgeons

The IMaJIN program is fortunate to have a number of experienced, qualified orthopedic surgeons who are committed to seeing acutely injured patients in a timely manner. Although extremely competent in dealing with surgical injuries, these surgeons are also adept in coordinating the non-operative care of muscle and joint injuries. These surgeons are dedicated to making a difference for active injured people who want to be treated in a coordinated, timely manner.

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