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Edmonton Sport Institute is an Edmonton sports injury clinic. A multi-disciplinary integrated health facility providing patient-centred care since 1993!

We truly care about our patients and take an active care approach one patient at a time.

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About us

About Us

ESI utilizes a variety of health care professionals including primary care physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, orthotists, and sport chiropractors. ESI is an Edmonton sports injury clinic.

Health services

Health Services

ESI prides itself on an evidence-based approach to assessment, diagnosis and treatment for all injuries of people from all walks of life! From elite athletes to weekend warriors and the general public, ESI’s integrated approach will find the best healthcare options suitable for you!

MacEwan Medical Clinic

The MacEwan Medical Clinic is an affiliated medical facility to the Edmonton Sport Institute. Operating since the opening of the downtown campus of MacEwan University in 1994, the clinic provides general medical services to the staff and students of the university on a daily basis.



Informational articles written by ESI healthcare professionals! Get an informed and evidence-based opinion on hot topics. Whether you are a patient or like minded healthcare provider, you may find these articles very informative!



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We’d love to hear from you! If you would like to request an appointment or speak with an ESI healthcare professional please do not hesitate to contact us!