Injury Management

The IMaJIN program is designed to deal with acute muscle and joint (MSK) injuries in a timely, effective and coordinated manner. Injured individuals are able to contact the IMaJIN Clinic by telephone or e-mail. Rather than trying to be evaluated at an emergency department for injuries that are not truly emergencies, individuals can contact our Injury Care Coordinators (ICC) who are available between 9am and 9pm. The ICC will attempt to schedule an appointment for injured patients preferably in the first 24 hours, but certainly in the first 2 days. Alternatively, patients can contact the clinic by e-mail ( or telephone (#780-451-1234). IMaJIN staff will schedule injured patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When the patient arrives at the IMaJIN Clinic, they will fill out a registration and injury form (alternatively, they can fill out the form on-line and send it directly to the clinic). The patient will be evaluated by the IMaJIN ICC with a comprehensive history and physical examination. Following a collaborative meeting with the IMaJIN physician consultant, both the ICC and the physician will discuss the diagnosis and treatment options with the patient. The ICC and IMaJIN staff will then assist in coordinating any investigation and treatment options that are appropriate.

In order to ensure continuity of care for each individual, a complimentary letter will be sent to the patient’s family physician. Injury follow-up can be coordinated through the IMaJIN Clinic or a patient’s family physician.

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